ZenzTherapy Alternative Hair Colour

Jun 27, 2016

Want to colour your hair but without all the nasty chemicals? We have the perfect solution…ZENZTHERAPY ALTERNATIVE HAIR COLOUR


Because we care about our staff and our client’s health and want you to experience all the benefits of hair colouring without the unnecessary chemicals, all of us at Vintage Hairess are proud to announce that we now stock one of the world’s most clean, chemical free alternative hair colour ranges with ZERO AMMONIA, PPD AND RESORCINOL.


ZenzTherapy Colour



The combination of the world of technology with the wisdom of nature has resulted in this beautiful colour range, delivering unparalleled results with long lasting colours that are intense and rich and giving 100% grey coverage, whilst leaving the hair shiny and in optimum condition. It is soothing on the scalp with the most gentle and natural ingredients, containing Noni, Jojoba Oil and essential oils from Tea Tree, Lavender and Rosemary. Noni and Jojoba deliver the ancient remedy of healing, moisture, hydration & restructure while it’s unique anti-oxidant properties maintain a healthy balance for the hair and scalp.

ZenzTherapy Alternative Colour respects to the highest degree, the hair, skin & scalp making it safe & consistent in its ability to perform and is attuned with colourists and client expectations. With 86 different shades in the range the creativity and colour possibilities are absolutely endless.


The Zenz Alternative Philosophy

ZenzTherapy Alternative Colour is based on the company’s philosophy of what is omitted from their products is as important as what is added! A creative colour system that provides safety and assurance for both the client but most importantly the colourist.




Their colours are crafted with the most purest raw materials from nature, cutting out synthetic agents, parabens and perfumes that other colour companies contain.

Our clients also love it because they are not breathing in harsh fumes which is an added bonus!

So with the respect and consideration for both your internal and external wellbeing, do yourself a favour and book in for a ZenzTherapy Alternative Hair Colour service on your next visit.

For more about ZenzTherapy Alternative Hair Colour, please visit: http://zenzalternative.com