“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together“
Vintage Hairess Team

Kate – Salon Manager

I have always loved the idea of hairdressing, especially from a teen age. I had a terrible experience on my 18th birthday, i walked away from a salon crying and hating my hair. The reason I became a hairdresser was so that I could make sure people never had to feel the way I did. I feel proud and accomplished to be able to make people feel good about themselves. At the end of the day we are a vain society, if we don’t feel like we look 100% we are not going to feel good about ourselves. After having a break from working at Vintage Hairess, I feel like I am home now. I am so proud of the team we have here, we are not just co workers we are a family.


Brooke – Senior Stylist

Hairdressing has always been one of my greatest passions from a young age. I would want to be doing my family’s hair whenever I could. You can ask anyone all I ever talked about was becoming a hairdresser. I feel so proud and excited seeing my clients walking around the streets showing off my work. I love that I am able to make my clients feel comfortable in the salon. Hair colouring is definitely one of my favourite aspects of hairdressing as I love how creative it can be, there is no 2 days the same as it will vary from blondes, brunettes, reds, to all the bright and vibrant colours.


Stephanie – Junior Stylist

As I am a fairly new team member I like to introduce myself. I have come from a Blonde and Balayage specialist salon. However I do all aspects of hairdressing, from colouring (refreshing to creative restyles) cutting (men’s and ladies) and styling. My biggest passion is to balayage hair, taking clients from dark to light, and my favourite way to style is cute beachy waves. Outside the salon I am a very social person, I love going on coffee dates, going for beach walks and spending time with my partner.


Calais – 2 Year Apprentice

As I am still quite new to my hairdressing career, I love learning and seeing myself grow as a stylist. You will see me in the salon constantly learning and practising my skills. My favourite thing about hairdressing is seeing the joy when people feel good about their hair, and seeing a smile on their face. I have been really passionate about hairdressing since I was a little girl and always loved trying to teach myself styles and braiding family’s hair. I can wait to see myself grow into an amazing stylist.