Since Keune was founded in Holland in 1922, the company has been dedicated to providing hairdressers with high-quality products and excellent service.

Keune has a strong focus on professional hair colour, styling and care. All products are developed in one of Europe’s most advanced hair cosmetic laboratories, where the highest quality, most sophisticated ingredients and the use of innovative hair technology is combined together to create products which provide reliable & consistent solutions to people’s hair needs, wants and desires.

Does not test on animals, does not use animal-derived ingredients – making it 100% Vegan.

Keune Australia & New Zealand was established 1995 and is commited to distributing according to the salon only principle and continue to operate with the same high standards, morals and ethics in which Keune Holland have always stood by because… “YOUR FUTURE IS OUR FUTURE”.

Keune stands for elegance, creativity and the contemporary hair look. Keune products and treatments are only available to consumers from professional hairdressers. In conjunction with hairdressers, Keune develops hair products and services for hairdressers and their consumers.


Tinta Color


An advanced permanent color range that leaves hair in superb condition with incredible shine. Tinta Color is PPD-free* and 100% compliant with EU Laws using the latest colour technology. Providing 100% grey coverage and containing Triple Color Protection Technology, Tinta Color ensures long-lasting brilliant colour results. The Tinta Color formula is an easy-to-mix and easy-to-apply emulsion, with a pleasant floral and woody fragrance.

Tinta Ultimate Blonde is a complete range of highlifting blonde colors, which can be used perfectly on natural and colored hair.


What it does

Formulated using superior ingredients, Keune Color inspires endless creativity. Four reasons to start using Tinta Color now:

  1. Superb conditioning
  2. Silky soft shine
  3. Durability due to UV Protector
  4. No staining on the scalp


Why it works

Tinta Color is based on a coconut derived cream that protects the scalp from staining while providing a creamy, pearlescent texture. The creamy texture allows easy mixing and protects the hair during the color service. Triple Color Protection is the secret behind Tinta Color:

Silk Protein repairs and nourishes damaged hair. Hair which is in better condition also stays vibrant longer because the pigments become locked in the hair structure. You will immediately see and feel the hair’s improved condition immediately after rinsing.

Solamer UV protector shields the hair from UV damage and color fading.

The Tinta Cream developer contains LP 300, which causes the pigments to bind better into the hair structure and protects the hair structure during the color service. This results in a long lasting hair color.



Ultimate Blonde Lightening Powder


A super powerful lightening powder that allows lightening of up to eight shades. This means dark-haired salon clients can go platinum blonde, a desire many hold but rarely see fulfilled.

Processing times are short and the service is stress-free, as the formula is gentle enough to prevent serious hair damage, especially when combined with our bond multiplying system, Olaplex.



Semi Color


An exceptional ammonia-free, tone-on-tone colour formulated with Keune’s exclusive Silsoft Technology, which provides a guarantee for extra shine and conditioned hair. Semi Color ensures hair is left feeling nourished and soft with a dazzling soft shine. Semi Color gives up to 70% coverage, has a soft fruity fragrance, and is a cream based on coconut oil which gives it a creamy texture.

The intensive shades of Semi Color Red Infinity are created with the new color pigment Red Infinity (RI) and gives intensive characters and exceptional durability. These intense red shades offer unsurpassed intensity with proven longer lasting color and intensive coverage. Semi Color Red is an ammonia free tone-on-tone color, which gives up to 70% grey coverage.


Why it works

The color pigments have an oxidative structure -meaning that once they enter the hair the small pigments join together to form a larger color structure. The Red Infinity pigments form larger structures than comparable Red shades, which ensure that, within both permanent and semi-permanent ranges, the color is more fade resistant and thus extremely durable. The Silsoft technology provides a guarantee for extra shine and conditioned hair.

All colours in both semi ranges are perfect to use for a first-time color service, an intensive tone-on-tone color and our Dual Coloring system.



So Pure Color – 100% Ammonia & Paraben Free


So Pure Color is an ammonia and paraben free permanent haircolor, inspired by nature. It contains vitamin A and E for added moisture and Coconut base for extra conditioning. It is enriched with essential oils, Argan oil to improve the hair structure and shine, and certified organic plant extracts including the unique PhytoKeratin, which rebuilds the natural hair structure from within and protects during the color treatment. Essential oils give you an aroma experience aligned with the So Pure philosophy.




The entire So Pure Color range is ammonia- and paraben-free. Shades are enriched with certified organic argan oil, making the formulas extremely gentle and even nourishing. Argan oil is rich in vitamin A and E, which protect the hair from external influences. The coconut base protects the scalp from staining while added phytokeratin, a plant-derived ingredient with natural keratin.




During the development process of the So Pure Color range, no concessions were made in regards to quality and payoff. Both Natural and Fashion shades will lift two to three levels, while the So Pure Natural Balance 2000 and 3000 (special blonde tones) will lift up to five levels. All shades offer up to 100% coverage for long-lasting color results.




The So Pure philosophy also applies to So Pure Color, offering a vegan-friendly, environmentally conscious option to those who want to experience the joy and beauty of colored hair, but without harming the planet. It’s about guilt-free indulgence – essential jasmine and sandalwood oils ensure a spa-like, aromatic experience for optimal bliss and relaxation during the treatment.

Made with top-notch organic ingredients – good for you, good for the planet.


  • Paraben & Sulfate Free
  • Contains no artificial fragrances or colours
  • Contains no animal related materials
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% Colour Safe